Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Live an Exemplary Life

Greetings to blogvillers. It feels like a decade ago since i made a post but,I'm glad I'm able to make this one. Hope y'all have been fabulous? I've been great and i missed you guys.

I was thinking this morning about,how people just choose their role models by only looking at one aspect of the person's life which is usually their success stories and achievements in life thereby,forgetting the most important aspect of their lives like;morals,honesty,being trust-worthy,beliefs e.t.c. A role model to me, is a person whose behaviour,example or success is, or can be emulated by others,especially by younger people. A person who is honest,trusting and most of all open-minded. We live in a society that really doesn't allow one to be different but a role model,DARES you and themselves to be different. Your role model is a reflection of who you are so,whoever you tell people your role model is,that's who they see you as... No one can be said to be perfect because,we live in an imperfect world and we all are striving towards perfection but in our strife,we should be able to affect lives positively and make people,look up to us. Let us be able
to make people happily and readily follow the foot prints,we have left behind...for every wrong we do,we have disappointed that person that secretly sees us as their role models. Who does your colleagues,neighbors,friends,young ones,siblings and even your parents see you as?

The true mark of the superior person(role model) is that he sets high standards for himself and refuses to compromise those standards for any reason whatsoever. Some, have so negleted the need to live lives worthy of emulation and many have failed to see themselves as role models that others could look up to thereby,setting wrong examples for young ones to follow...
.the superior person
behaves at all times as if everyone is watching,even when no one is actually is. Upholding high standards for your life,will go a long way in helping you and someone out there that looks up to. Y'all should have a blessed week.


  1. Nice post and it's so true.We live life forgetting some people take us to be their role models and thus mess up half the time.

  2. Hey congrats on U̶̲̥̅̊я engagement!! *hugs*

  3. ok, i'm just dropping by to say congrats on your engagement. wishing you all the joy and happiness life can offer.
    ermmmm.....will be expecting my I.V to the wedding

    1. Thanks so much dear.. Yea your I.V will definitely get to you*smiles*.