Saturday, December 29, 2012

It Is Time

Hello blogsville,hope we're all doing splendidly? The yuletide season has been a very fun-filled one for me so far and I know,it will remain so.. How's the celebration with y'all going?hope you guys are having fun?...

Lots of us me inclusive,are procrastinators and we often fail to realize that,time waits for no one. Those who have mismanaged their time and opportunities in the past,always end up living regrets-filled lives and wish to turn back the hands of time.. Many wasted their time,being in careers that didn't give them fulfillment when they could have chosen's never easy,trying against all odds to do what you really love but at the same time,it's not impossible... Some are trapped in relationships and friendships that doesn't add value to their lives simply because,they are scared of change,and have refused to use their time judiciously..

Guiness always say in their ad that;There is a drop of greatness in every man but,you can only see the greatness in you when you stop wasting your time on things,that will only bring regrets later and start seeing that inner gift you have,and develop,nurture and create a conducive environment for it to thrive..It is not just a matter of how well one spends it, that is, how
time wasted is minimized...the challenge lies in spending it judiciously, ensuring results that
are effective and fruitful.

Stop wasting your time on frivolity and start something meaningful..

It is time to live up to your full potential

It is time to be a better person..

It is time to let go of your past and focus on your future..

It is time to open your heart to love and let go of your hurt..let love heal its wounds..

It is time to challenge yourself and do the impossible..

Time is your best capital: spend it judiciously..

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Thoughts Of A Bitter,Lonely Woman

Compliments of the season,I trust every one is as fabulous as I am..I was actually just chilling when my imaginations ran wild and gave birth to this poem. I'm not a professional poet infact,I'm not a poet like some people*they know themselves*lol but,I just decided to share my thoughts with you's not flawless and I hope you guys enjoy it.. So,I present to you my first work.. Happy reading.

In the stillness of the night
I sat with my thoughts
Thoughts about what the future holds in this cruel and cold world
My growing up was filled with so much hopes
But those hopes gave way to bitterness and rejection
I was the daughter of my mother
I was my father's daughter
I was loved
But death stole my most precious treasure
I am a woman
I am a bitter woman
A woman who had nothing to live for
But the most purest thing walked into my life
And I thought I had my miracle
My miracle,was my best friend
My confidant
But nature,was working against me
Now my miracle is gone
Gone with my hopes and my happiness
Now,I'm just a lonely woman
Sitting in this dark room
Alone with my thoughts
And the frogs in the mud just outside my house,are the only thing alive in my world

Monday, December 10, 2012

Loungin' by Mc Dowell's Review

The yuletide month was kickstarted with a blast in a fine city.On the 2nd of December,the beautiful city of Port Harcourt stood still for LOUNGING,an event organized by BUC'GREEN CONCEPT and sponsored by McDowell's and Lesukka Event Centre and Bar,which was also the venue of the event.

The event was a beautiful fusion of fashion,music,comedy and the introduction of a whiskey brand into the city of Port Harcourt by McDowell's.It centred on the showcasing of a few Nigerian talents in the fashion sphere and highlighted the likes of Ejiro Amos Tafiri from lagos,who was the major designer of the night and also Cecee Seed form lagos,then finally Snazzy fashion from Enugu.These young talents wowed the crowd with their beautiful designs and of course,beautiful models.However,i used my Blackberry to take pictures so the quality of the pictures might not be very good.Plus,i'm not a photographer so please make do with what i am able to offer.

Ejiro Amos Tafiri

Ejiro Amos Tafiri,a native of Delta state but based in lagos,was the major star of the day with very beatiful and original designs that got me drooling.She was supposed to be a medical student but on a visit to a designer's,she got inspired to pursue a career in fashion.Though her parents weren't pleased with the decision,she went ahead to become one of Nigeria's young fashion talents.Below are some of her designs,she's into female clothing.


Cecee Seed
This 18 year old revealed that she gets her inspiration from watching fashion shows.She's also based in lagos and is doing well at this point of her career.Here are some of her designs;


Snazzy Fashion
Snazzy is a young fashion designer from Enugu,he's basically into male clothing and wants to put a smile on the faces of the people of Port Harcourt.Here are some of his designs;


 Music interjected in various points of the events and the renditions were from the likes of Kome,an act that got me fixed for the entire duration of his song 'Wayo'.The guy's talented and his vocals would almost get R.Kelly jealous.McDowell whiskey was served to those with the head for it.The event ended at about 10:30pm with the closing remark giving by Sylvanus.

Generally,i'd say they put up a good show.The setting was good,the lighting was nice.The co-ordination was a little challeged.So,i'd say there's always room for improvement.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why Do We Worry

Do you ever worry? What are your worries?
The economy? Terrorism? Your health? Your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend? Kids? Your job? Your spiritual life? Your career? Your grades? Your past? Your future? Your family? Your financies? Your weaknesses? Your death?......and the list goes on and on and on...doesn't it?

I remember there was a song or jingle by John W. Peterson I use to sing,when I was much younger and the lyrics,made a lot of sense:

Why worry,when you can pray?
Trust Jesus,He'll be your stay.
Don't be a doubting Thomas,
Rest fully on His promise,
Why worry,worry,worry,when you can pray?

It's a cute and reassuring tune but,I still worry. Worry as I've come to understand,is a total waste of time and it doesn't change anything rather,it takes from you. All it does is,steal your joy and keeps you very busy,doing nothing..... Honestly,at times prayer feels pretty lame because,when we are deep in our worries,we feeel God has abandoned us or even hates us,or not interested at all in helping us and our situations. But the truth remains that,He is God and there is a reason He is withholding that job,contract,or that major breakthrough from us because,He will never give us anything He knows we ain't ready for.

The funny thing about God and our needs is that,He knows already what we need,and expects us to just ask and be patient while He works the process out.................. Always remember that,PATIENCE and TRUST is a virtue anyone who is expectant,must have.

Remain beautiful,beautiful people..
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