Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Live an Exemplary Life

Greetings to blogvillers. It feels like a decade ago since i made a post but,I'm glad I'm able to make this one. Hope y'all have been fabulous? I've been great and i missed you guys.

I was thinking this morning about,how people just choose their role models by only looking at one aspect of the person's life which is usually their success stories and achievements in life thereby,forgetting the most important aspect of their lives like;morals,honesty,being trust-worthy,beliefs e.t.c. A role model to me, is a person whose behaviour,example or success is, or can be emulated by others,especially by younger people. A person who is honest,trusting and most of all open-minded. We live in a society that really doesn't allow one to be different but a role model,DARES you and themselves to be different. Your role model is a reflection of who you are so,whoever you tell people your role model is,that's who they see you as... No one can be said to be perfect because,we live in an imperfect world and we all are striving towards perfection but in our strife,we should be able to affect lives positively and make people,look up to us. Let us be able
to make people happily and readily follow the foot prints,we have left behind...for every wrong we do,we have disappointed that person that secretly sees us as their role models. Who does your colleagues,neighbors,friends,young ones,siblings and even your parents see you as?

The true mark of the superior person(role model) is that he sets high standards for himself and refuses to compromise those standards for any reason whatsoever. Some, have so negleted the need to live lives worthy of emulation and many have failed to see themselves as role models that others could look up to thereby,setting wrong examples for young ones to follow...
.the superior person
behaves at all times as if everyone is watching,even when no one is actually is. Upholding high standards for your life,will go a long way in helping you and someone out there that looks up to. Y'all should have a blessed week.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The last time i checked,God did not fail.

Hey beautiful people,it's been a while and hope y'all are great? I'm fabulous. This past weekend was a very busy one for me but,thank God everything went as anticipated for. What I'm about to share with you guys is a true life experience and it happened to my friend. Sometimes in life when we are faced with a life threatening problem,some of us forget that,we have a father in heaven that can turn our situations around if only,we believe in Him. I'm just gonna give it to you exactly how she shared it with me undiluted so,just sit back and relax and if possible,grab a bottle of coke while you roll with me but please,pardon the poor writing skills. Leggoooooo

On tuesday morning,I woke up as usual,strong and healthy and after a few minutes,I felt a sharp pain on my right lower abdomen. I thought it was jes a normal pain so I continued gisting with my siblings,after sometime I felt the pain again but this time,it was excrutiating. The pains continued and at night,I couldn't sleep..there was pains everywhere,my lower back and abdominal region. I prayed silently to God to take this excrutiating pain away from me and after some minutes,I slept off. My sister adviced I go for scanning and after waking up in the morning without pains,I decided not to go for the scan but,she insisted so i went. After the scan,I was told I had 3cm fibroid..i was so much in shock and couldn't jes believe what I jes heard.the lab guy told me i have to start making babies fast. Tears filled my eyes and as I got home and showed the report to my sister,she got her bible and notepad from sunday service and read from it.
We had a communion(cabin biscuit and coke) as our head pastor told us whenever we are afflicted,we should do it. In the evening,I followed my sister to prayer meeting and after the service,we met with Pastor Chuks at the church office in choba uniport district. I told Pastor Chuks everything and also gave him the report and He asked us all to fast for 3 days with scriptures to read. That night,I still couldn't sleep cuz of the pains,my whole body was on fire and as I laid there on my bed,I prayed still to God to give me sleep.. On thursday,I forced myself to attend foundation class(for the first time) to meet with the head pastor for uniport branch,Pastor Jesam...after the class,he prayed for me and a new confidence was put in me. Whenever I felt the pains,i use the scriptures to send it away.

Saturday came,and Pastor Chuks visited us and we all prayed and the anointing of God came upon me then,i was relieved. That same night,the devil struck me again with the pains and I started speaking in tongues until I could sleep again. It took the strength of God upon me to get ready for sunday service because this time around,it was difficult for me to stand straight. Now we got into the church not knowing that,God had something great in store for me..during the praise session,I felt like sitting cuz I was tired from the long trek to where we could get a cab but,I had to force myself to stand believing God for strength..tears that I couldn't control almost blinded me and little did I know that God had already started his healing process in me cuz,at the end of the worship,me that couldn't sit without support could sit straight without leaning on anything for support. After the ministration from the choir,the head pastor for ph branch of Dominion City
Church,Pastor Mike Onyali stood at the alter and as usual,started another round of worship cuz according to him,he has to connect with God and the Holy Spirit.

During this worship,I wept uncontrollably and the first words Pastor Mike said were"there is a young lady the Holy Spirit said that the diagnosis of fibroid has been cleared and also said the abdominal pain has been healed too". I jumped and knelt God remembered and healed me..He settled my case in heaven.

I hope you guys learnt from this mind blowing testimony? In everyting that has given you sleepless nights,just take a leap of faith and believe in His awesome power.