Monday, May 28, 2012

You are ACCOUNTABLE for the choices you make.

Hello friends,how have y'all and your weekend been? Hope you guys did a lot of fun things? Mine was great and quite very eventful. Attended a wedding briefly,went for wedding shopping* not mine lol* and did things generally. Back to the talk of the day.
Often times,people tend to do some unethical and absurdly things and afterwards,blame it on circumstances beyond their control, made them take that decision. Truth be told,there are some very nasty challenges that life throws at us that could threaten our very existence but,what we do at those trying periods of our lives,goes along way in defining who we are. We live in a judgmental world and we are being judged everyday of our lives. We are judged by the way we dress,by our facial expressions,by the way we talk,and also by our actions. Nobody wants to know why you took that decision;they don't wanna know how long you have been crying out for help,but all they do know is that,you took that decision and you are judged by it whether good or bad. I was chatting recently with some girls in a group and they all went on to talk about how cruel and heartless some guys are, and some said they were tired of dating and all. But one of the girls made one very
annoying statement that got me really pissed.*well speaking for myself,it got me pissed but might really not annoy someone else*. Her words" I don't blame girls that go into prostitution and lesbianism because,some of them have really suffered in the hands of men". I was like, WTF is this girl saying? How could someone be so shallow minded to even think like that? I could have said more but,I simply disagreed totally with her by saying,going into lesbianism,prostitution,considering or committing suicide because of what a man/men did to you or because of the challenges life served you,is sheer cowardice. I am not disputing the fact that,just as our faces,minds and capabilities are different,so is the way we handle issues but,should we allow life's challenges make us do the wrong things or make us take the wrong decisions? If you go on to ask an armed robber,why he/she is doing what they're doing,they sure will blame it on poverty. Same goes to a hooker.
But there are also some people faced with same problems that are making an honest living. Should we allow challenges becloud our reasoning?hell no. The sooner people come to the realization that,they are accountable for their choices,the better for us all...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

11 things,11 Questions.

I was tagged by Oddnaijachic.Ok,she didn't actually tag me per se,but she inferred that anyone can tag himself/herself,and cos I like the idea,I decided to tag myself.So,here are the rules;

*Tell 11 things about about yourself.

*Answer the 11 questions of the person who tagged you.

*Create your own 11 questions.

*Tag 11 people and inform them.

*inform the person who tagged you when you answer the questions.

11 things about me

1. I am very patient

2. I have an unwavering faith

3. I can't do without movies and music

4. Give me apples anytime,any day, and you are my friend.

5. I HATE beans and anything made with it.

6. I am a scorpio.

7. I have phobias-scoleciphobia and myriopodophobia.

8. I don't follow trends. I go with what fits me.

9. I don't like extremely quiet places.

10.I am reserved and sometimes people mistake it for quietness.

11.I am very soft-hearted. Little things can make me cry.

Answers to Oddnaijachic's questions
1. If you had to name the one thing that frightens you most about growing old,what would it be? Nothing

2. 500 years from now,only one book which exists today will still be available. Which book should it be? The bible.

3. Name something you do when you are alone that you wouldn't do in front of others. I can't fart in front of others.*lol*

4. What is the most annoying thing that someone could do to you? Taking me for

5. If you had only 24hours to live,what would you do? Hmmmm that's a toughie but,I'll try and make peace with whomever I've offended and also forgive those that have offended me and pray to God,to accept my soul till the last minute.

6. If you could have one super power,what would you want and why? I would want my fantasies to become a reallity cuz,i would wanna see how beautiful my life will be.

7. If a movie where made about your life,what would the theme song be? It's definitely gonna be "strength of a woman" I really love that song.

8. Think of the last time you were REALLY angry. WHY were you angry? Do you still feel the same way? A friend accused me falsely and i was really really furious but,I don't feel same way again.

9. What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give and why would it be hard to lose? That would be my loved one and cuz it's hard to lose a part of you.

10. What do u do when you are bored? See a movie or listen to music.

11. What is the best compliment you have ever received?

My 11 questions

1. What is your life's greatest fear?

2. What has life taught you?

3. Have you given up on anyone or anything? What? Who?

4. What was that thing you did that made someone call you a WICKED PERSON?

5. What do you fantasize about?

6. If you could turn back the hands of time,what will you want to have back?

7. If you had a ticket to travel to any where in the world,where will it be?

8. Have you ended a relationship before? How?

9. What do people say you do well?

10. What would you wish for,if you had the power to make your wish come true?

11. What was the poorest position you took back in secondary school?

p.s. You all are tagged and should feel free to answer these questions cuz i want to know your answers.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The world we live in...

Hey people,hope y'all are great? I'm awesome as usual and I'm kicking real hard*smiles*. I really miss those days when I was little,and life was less complicated and bitter. Where people were still happy,with the little they had. Where greed and corruption hasn't eaten too deep into our system. Where men married women. Where God was feared. Where people walked freely about and not worry about being kidnapped. Where children were still innocent and revered their parents. Where husbands and wives,adored each other. Where you can buy so much,with little money. Where neighbours,trusted each other. Each time i reminisce about "The good old days",it saddens my heart. No one knows anymore,where we are going. Everything;from our leaders, to us as individuals,has gone haywire and we only need the grace of God,to survive in this hell we call earth. I could go on and on, talking about the world we live in and won't even come close to covering every area of our
sufferings,as humans but below,are other things we suffer.

* We live in a world where the love of money supercedes the love we have for our neighbours and fellow country men.

* We live in a world where some religious leaders and powerful politicians,encourage and support homosexuality.

* We live in a world where terrorism is the order of the day.

* We live in a world where dangerous diseases claim the lives of our loved ones.

* We live in a world where morals means nothing to us anymore.

* We live in a world where corruption and greed is normal.

* We live in a world where doing the right thing is regarded with extreme repugnance.

* We live in a world where we lack altruism.

We live in a word....infact lemme stop here cuz i dey vex*lol*.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Discovering your potentials

I have discovered that,there are some questions in our lives that are very thought-provoking and most times,can make us moody when we sit and ponder on them. Some of such questions are:
*What I'm i passionate about?
*What can i do well? and so many more. I have read in the bible and heard from most religious leaders quoting the scripture which says;"A man's gift maketh room for him,and bringeth him before great men"(Proverbs 18:16). *Choi,i sabi bible small oo*.You'all will agree with me that,75% of humans on earth today,do not know what their true calling,talents or gifts are hence,they don't do very well or attain the heights they ought to get to in life. Discovering your potentials can make you get to your desired heights in life because,when you discover your gifts,nurture and maximize them,you will be the most fulfilled and celebrated man/woman on this planet. Below,are some carefully and well structured questions you need to ask yourself,on your way to self discovering.
1. What is your heart's deepest desire?

2. What stirs your passion?

3. What do you enjoy doing so much that,you forget to eat?

4. What naturally flows out of you? Whatever you were designed to do will feel right and natural when you do it.

5. What do people say you do well?

6. Where do you produce good results?

7. What ideas,visions or dreams are impossible to get out of your mind?

8. To what can you give 100% of your life? If you knew you wouldn't fail and you had all the power you will ever need,what would you do?


1. Diligence

2. Law of use and disuse

3. Association

4. Get information

5. Get a mentor

6. Humility

N.B please friends,do not forget to answer these questions.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

10 inspirational quotes

Hello beautiful people,hope y'all are well and doing great? As for me,I'm awesome. I was doing some little research on the net this morning,and I stumbled upon some inspirational quotes by very great people and immediately,y'all came to my mind and decided,it will be wise to share this with my dear friends. I hope this helps and open your eyes and minds to some facts we need to know about living.

1.The secret of success is consistency of purpose. Benjamin Disraeli.

2.Yes,risk taking is inherently failure-prone. Otherwise,it would be called sure-thing-taking-Tim McMahon.

3.Do not go where the path may lead,go instead where there is no path and leave a trail-Ralph Waldo Emerson.

4.People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances-The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want,and,if they can't find them,make them-George Bernard Shaw.

5.Knowing is not enough;we must apply. Willing is not enough;we must do-Goethe.

6.What we do today,right now,will have an accumulated effect on all our tomorrows-Alexandra Stoddard.

7.Behold the turtle. He only makes progress when he sticks his neck out-James Bryant Conant.

8.Trying will do anything in this world-Theocritus.

9.Never let the fear of striking out get in your way-George Herman("Babe")Ruth.

10.Pursue worthy aims-Solon.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How far can we go for love

Hello friends,how are y'all doing?I believe good cuz,I am fabulous. It's been quite a busy week for me tryna get stuffs done and all,but I'm glad I'm still able to share an experience I had with a friend recently with you guys.Love is the most beautiful thing a person can have but,can turn to the worst nightmare a person can have also.The question is,how far can we go for love? I was chatting with my friend on BBM some days back and she told me amidst tears,how she just broke up with her baby. For the sake of this post,lemme name my friend Amina. Now,lemme give you guys the details of Amina's relationship. Amina met him some two years back and back then,he was a typical example of a "perfect man". He would take her out to the movies,showers her with gifts,love,affection,and he calls her like 10 times a day(not exaggerating or maybe a little*smiling*). He was what a gurl can call a "Mr right"(ladies if you know what I mean). But as time went by,he began to reveal the real him.the real player he was and then,it dawned on Amina that,all that "lovey-dovey" behaviour was just a charade. It got so worse that,gurls will call Amina to warn her to leave their man and one even claimed to be carrying his baby.and when she confronts him,he would deny ever cheating on her and picks up a fight with her. The sad part of this love story is that,Amina íڪ smitten and finds it impossible to quit the relationship. She actually broke up with him on the day we chatted but,went back to him cuz she said she can't just bear the thought of being away from him. Sincerly people,how much can a girl endure for love?

Newest blogger

Having a blog where you can share your experiences,thoughts and things that are happening around you,is imperative hence,i decided to launch myself into blogville.I know i ought to have been here before now but,I still can't remember what kept me out for so long. But all the same,the good thing is,I am here,and I'm here for good.*wink*