Sunday, September 16, 2012

Doing Things Differently

Hi blogsville,hope y'all are doing great?

So this post is about doing things differently,something many of us find extremely difficult to doing this,some people think it only increases their chances of failure but,it truly does much better things for you. By doing things differently,you can see life from a different perspective..

I have always been fascinated by people who are consistently successful at what they do;especially those who experience repeated success in many areas of their life throughout their lifetime. We all have our own examples of super successful people who we admire..but how do they do it? Over the years,we have studied the lives of numerous successful people,read their books,researched them online and I'm sure we know most of them,were not born into success;they simply did,and continue to do,things differently...there are many ways we can be distinct from the crowd e.g, (1)taking decisive and immediate actions....(2)discovering your potentials and working towards achieving your set goals.. There are people who had ventured into businesses just because everyone was doing it and when they didn't succeed,they blamed others or even the devil for their failures whereas,they ought to know better..

Though our society really does not allow one to be different cuz,there will always be critics when they see you ain't doing the normal business everyone is doing, or when you share your dreams with them,be sure they will discourage you but in spite of these,.we need to stand our ground and dare to be different in order to carve a niche for ourselves through hardwork and doing what we love doing and God,will definitely make us successful...

Like they say,taking the path less travelled can actually enrich our lives and the hardest thing about the road not taken is that,you never know where it might have led... At the end of the day,life is about choices: it's not hard to decide what we want our lives to be about. What is hard,is figuring out what we're willing to give up in order,to do the things we really care about. We can choose to focus on what we are not passionate about and remain slaves to those who have discovered theirs or we can choose to focus on our passions and dreams and work towards achieving them.. The latter is a far better and happier path.

Stay blessed and remain beautiful.


  1. well written and thought out article.
    thanks 4 visiting my blog. hope you visit agAIN

    1. Thanks for stopping by and I'll visit yours again.

  2. This is a very reasonable post.The chances of success really increases with doing things differently.

    1. Thanks dear.. Yea success increases with doing things differently.

  3. you are so on point dear. Fortune smiles at those who do things differently, thanks for sharing...have a wonderful week!

  4. Thanks jes said it all. Do have a blessed week.

  5. Joining the bandwagon isn't necessarily a criteria for success; in fact, you don't have to join them to beat them...

    Blessings :)

    - LDP

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.