Friday, May 24, 2013

Avoid Unnecessary Justification

Hello blogsville,I trust you guys have been fabulous? I know I've been away for God knows how long now but,I'm fully back now and no more being an absentee blogger*winks*.. I missed you'all oo and I hope I was missed too?

Life can be very annoying at times especially,when people try to justify their devilish and heinous crimes and actions.. The Woolwich butcher got me thinking about how wicked and incomprehensible,the human mind can be. No wonder the bible said, "the heart of man is desperately wicked;who can know it"? But really,who can? There are so many crimes being committed daily against humanity and the perpetrators,always have ready answers to give as to why they did it.

Over the years,humans have always had reasons both cogent and stupid ones,for doing that bad thing they did just to take away the guilt they may feel afterwards and this,has seared the conscience of many. An instance is,most people know there is something inherently wrong with taking free money,dispossessing people of their hard-earned money,living off the government,lying,being dependent and making no contribution to the society in which they live but choose to justify their acts by,joining the bandwagon of people that say,everyone is doing it so why shouldn't I?

To compensate for this deep inner feeling of unease,people who are getting something for nothing create,elaborate justifications and rationale to explain to themselves and to others,why they are entitled to this free money. People should stop justifying their evil acts and start doing the right things..

Y'all should have a fun-filled weekend. Ciao


  1. Its normal. These things won't stop. It has been like this since when cain killed Abel.

  2. This is a thoughtful one.It's imperative that this starts from our immediate selves because we guilty of it in one area or another.

  3. as in!!!! becqui!!! it can be sooooooooo downright snnoying!!! what is not right, ppl just find a way to justify it sha!!
    yes!! the heart of man is very wicked. May God have mercy on us all.
    how have u been?
    ive missed u

    1. It's really quite annoying how people justify evil.. God should really have mercy.

      I've been fabulous dear,and I missed you too..