Thursday, June 13, 2013 attains record breaking milestone of over half a million friends on Facebook in 1 year of operations in Nigeria. attains record breaking milestone of over half a million friends on Facebook in 1 year of operations in Nigeria.


Lagos, Nigeria, June 3, 2013- Nigeria’s number 1 online retailer,, has in typical fashion attained yet another landmark in its 1 year of providing Nigerian shoppers with their best-in-class shopping experience. Coming from their launch in June 2012, has achieved the feat of over half a million friends on the social media platform Facebook, reportedly the fastest achievement in fan-base recorded in this part of the world. The Jumia Nigeria fan-base is spread across its ‘Jumia Fashion’ page for lovers of fashion looking to get information on latest trends and great deals on their favorite fashion items and the ‘Jumia General Merchandise’ page that offers its fans the exclusive opportunity to know more about the latest mobile, computing, household appliances etc with chances to win various giveaways through recurring trivia on the page by One more fascinating thing about the pages is the connection has established with its customers through its first class customer service and one on one interviews with various staff using this platform.
Quoting the Jumia co-founders TundeKehinde and Raphael Afaedor, “It’s amazing how our numbers have grown geometrically across board in just 1 year of operations. We have ceaselessly achieved various milestones, an indication of our dedication to our customers, excellent customer service, large assortment of products and our excellent service deliveries across the nation. First it was our website becoming the4th local content site in Nigeriaand todaywe have a family of over half a millionactive and loyal customers on Facebook. This just goes a long way to tell how Nigerians are embracing the concept of online shopping and above all the best-in-class premium service we are bringing to them. We can only continue to prove to Nigerians our commitment to delivering smiles to them like we have done in our 1st year, with the best in online shopping experiences yet to come”
Reiterating this, OpeyemiAdetomiwa, Community Manager at Jumia Nigeria said,“This just goes to show the acceptance of our brand by Nigerians, the people have shown they love and our offering. Through social media we have given the customer a voice where their feedback matters a lot to us. This experience isn’t easily put in words, you should like the page yourself to understand how active and loyal our customers are, they are engaging all the time”.
The social media platform is another avenue where customers communicate with its staff to clarify and get more info about whatever they need to know about products/service, get info on the latest and best offers on the site, as well as win lots of give-aways.

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GENERAL MERCHANDISE -, is the leading and most trafficked e-commerce website in Nigeria. Our website enjoys over 100,000 unique visitors daily, making us 4th most viewed local content site in Nigeria, has over 50,000 SKU’s selling a broad range of products including fashion, consumer electronics and home appliances, mobile devices, books, baby’s toys and gifts, fragrances, beauty products, games, and event tickets, with a promise to deliver across the nation in 1 to 5 days. It has been acclaimed by many as the one stop shop for all their shopping needs.
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  1. Hmmmm This is getting quite big.If they continue like this,they'd be Africa's biggest.I placed and order and i'm trying to access how good they are.If their stocks are authentic,they just might be my no.1 store.

    1. They are actually growing at a very fast pace.. I'm sure they deal on original stuffs.. You should check them out.

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