Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Words Are Powerful

  Hey guys, it's been soooo long since I posted anything and there is no good enough excuse why someone will abandon her family for so long a time and i am sorry. But in my defense, i'm now a fashion designer and it takes a lot of my time(i'll tell you guys all about it later *wink*)but still, not good enough. I'm back now for good (i pray😀)and will make up for lost times.

   So recently i had a situation that birthed this post. We all know how powerful words are and how they can either create or destroy, lift up spirits or crush them,hurt and frighten us,break hearts or mend them.

   Often times,we get so carried away in our anger that we say stuffs that sometimes we don't even mean but,can't be unsaid or taken back. Wrong words that has gone out of our mouths are like bullets. once they are out,they must injure and even though the person survives the shots and the injuries heal,they leave behind scars that cannot be erased. There are lots of negative words that close relatives told me back in the day that i still remember. I don't remember the words because I am resentful but i don't because, over time, i have become what they told me i couldn't be. So,negative words can be advantageous sometimes because they tend to push you and make you rise above the status-quo and be better.

   Poorly timed and poorly chosen words have the ability to kill enthusiasm, break someone's heart, crushes spirits and shatters self-esteem and confidence. They also can cause deep emotional and psychological wounds that takes a very long time to heal. Words in general have as much advantages as it has disadvantages so choose them wisely.

   Conclusively, think and choose your words before it leaves your mouth to your spouses, kids, neighbours and people you come in contact with everyday, don't be a toxic person. Let your timing be right if you want to criticize and don't always say the first thing that comes to your mind, when you are angry. If it helps, walk away and express your displeasure later.

Do enjoy your week and affect a life positively today. bye.... for now ciao