Friday, May 25, 2012

The world we live in...

Hey people,hope y'all are great? I'm awesome as usual and I'm kicking real hard*smiles*. I really miss those days when I was little,and life was less complicated and bitter. Where people were still happy,with the little they had. Where greed and corruption hasn't eaten too deep into our system. Where men married women. Where God was feared. Where people walked freely about and not worry about being kidnapped. Where children were still innocent and revered their parents. Where husbands and wives,adored each other. Where you can buy so much,with little money. Where neighbours,trusted each other. Each time i reminisce about "The good old days",it saddens my heart. No one knows anymore,where we are going. Everything;from our leaders, to us as individuals,has gone haywire and we only need the grace of God,to survive in this hell we call earth. I could go on and on, talking about the world we live in and won't even come close to covering every area of our
sufferings,as humans but below,are other things we suffer.

* We live in a world where the love of money supercedes the love we have for our neighbours and fellow country men.

* We live in a world where some religious leaders and powerful politicians,encourage and support homosexuality.

* We live in a world where terrorism is the order of the day.

* We live in a world where dangerous diseases claim the lives of our loved ones.

* We live in a world where morals means nothing to us anymore.

* We live in a world where corruption and greed is normal.

* We live in a world where doing the right thing is regarded with extreme repugnance.

* We live in a world where we lack altruism.

We live in a word....infact lemme stop here cuz i dey vex*lol*.


  1. True.So many bad things in the world.If only we could go back to those days when things were way better.

  2. The world will be a lot berra if it could return to those days and if,our leaders and youths can change their perceptions. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Indeed, It's sad to see the stinking rot eat faster into the roots of our world. We live in an ever-increasing corrupt world but it's up to us to change starting with person at a time.

  4. I concur. The change we crave for should begin with us. Thanks for the follow and your comment dear.