Monday, May 28, 2012

You are ACCOUNTABLE for the choices you make.

Hello friends,how have y'all and your weekend been? Hope you guys did a lot of fun things? Mine was great and quite very eventful. Attended a wedding briefly,went for wedding shopping* not mine lol* and did things generally. Back to the talk of the day.
Often times,people tend to do some unethical and absurdly things and afterwards,blame it on circumstances beyond their control, made them take that decision. Truth be told,there are some very nasty challenges that life throws at us that could threaten our very existence but,what we do at those trying periods of our lives,goes along way in defining who we are. We live in a judgmental world and we are being judged everyday of our lives. We are judged by the way we dress,by our facial expressions,by the way we talk,and also by our actions. Nobody wants to know why you took that decision;they don't wanna know how long you have been crying out for help,but all they do know is that,you took that decision and you are judged by it whether good or bad. I was chatting recently with some girls in a group and they all went on to talk about how cruel and heartless some guys are, and some said they were tired of dating and all. But one of the girls made one very
annoying statement that got me really pissed.*well speaking for myself,it got me pissed but might really not annoy someone else*. Her words" I don't blame girls that go into prostitution and lesbianism because,some of them have really suffered in the hands of men". I was like, WTF is this girl saying? How could someone be so shallow minded to even think like that? I could have said more but,I simply disagreed totally with her by saying,going into lesbianism,prostitution,considering or committing suicide because of what a man/men did to you or because of the challenges life served you,is sheer cowardice. I am not disputing the fact that,just as our faces,minds and capabilities are different,so is the way we handle issues but,should we allow life's challenges make us do the wrong things or make us take the wrong decisions? If you go on to ask an armed robber,why he/she is doing what they're doing,they sure will blame it on poverty. Same goes to a hooker.
But there are also some people faced with same problems that are making an honest living. Should we allow challenges becloud our reasoning?hell no. The sooner people come to the realization that,they are accountable for their choices,the better for us all...


  1. Word! You hit the nail right on the head.Circumstances should make us,not break us.Nice post Becqui.

  2. Thanks dear. I totally agree with you